Welcome to MEGAGATE

The launch of MEGAGATE mobile phone series is part of our vision to bring latest technology to Pakistan. We are very optimistic about the growth potential of telecom industry and want to play pivotal role in making technology available to common Pakistani. In all our products we have put major emphasis on content localization to enhance user experience of our consumers and we will continue to generate more customized solutions in future line up.

This not only confirms the capacity of MEGAGATE to achieve our ambitious targets but this is an important step in this direction. The telecommunications sector strengthens the success of the other sectors since it is a crucial enabler of the knowledge-based economy we aspire to become.

At MEGAGATE we have always believed in innovation and its wonders concerning brand growth and stability. It is this spirit of exploration that has brought us so far and will help us in sailing ahead of our competition.

Group President, MEGAGATE